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Carbohydrates foods

Calories are calories , carbohydrates in food no matter where they come from . People are fat because they do not exercise enough . Eating low fat foods help you lose weight . These and many other common food myths are no longer part of the official guidelines for healthy living in Sweden , the Scandinavian country would become the first Western carbohydrates foods country in the world to officially adopt a high- fat,

 low food protocol carbohydrate as optimal for good health carbohydrates in food According to news Health Impact , Sweden has decided to abandon its old dogma low fat diet , which is still adopted by the United States and many other carbohydrates in food Western countries ,carbohydrates foods after an independent committee of doctors and other health experts have determined to be complete quackery. This committee ,carbohydrates list food known as the Swedish Council for scans of technology assessment through tens of thousands of studies on the subject published May 31, 2013 , to reach this conclusion, which is consistent with what many in the community natural health have been saying for years carbohydrates foods.

"Butter , olive oil , cream and bacon are not carbohydrates in food harmful food," read an English translation of a local Swedish newspaper ,carbohydrates in food reports on the findings of the carbohydrates foods commission . " On the contrary . Grease is best for those who want to lose weight. And there is no relationship between dietary fat and cardiovascular disease carbohydrates list food. "These incredibly bold statements go against the dogma traditional food, especially in the United States, where the chemical and pharmaceutical companies carbohydrates in food have a significant influence on health policy .

But , however , carbohydrates foods are true and show carbohydrates list food that at least some countries are serious scientific evidence that the carbohydrates in food rich beneficial fats and refined sugars and processed flours harmful carbohydrates foods.

"When are aligned all the recent scientific studies , the result is indisputable: the deep fear of fat has no foundation," says Professor Frederick Angstrom , carbohydrates foods a member of the committee that commissioned the study .

 " You do not get fat from fatty foods , and you do not have atherosclerosis calcium green or green lights. "Low fat , high -carbohydrate dietary carbohydrates in food recommendations carbohydrates foods responsible for the high rates of obesity , diabetes
A key finding of the commission was that carbohydrates are directly responsible for the increased levels of blood sugar and promote weight gain carbohydrates in food . Unlike the carbohydrates foods fats , carbohydrates carbohydrates list food have a tendency to increase the levels of sugar in the blood , leading to an overproduction of insulin and , optionally , diabetes , and increased levels of triglycerides . And carbohydrates are what really makes people fat , fat free, as is commonly believed carbohydrates foods.

"For years, the health system has given public notice to avoid fats ,carbohydrates in food saturated fats , in particular , and calories ," writes Dr. Andreas Enfield , a popular Swedish doctor , in his blog Diet Doctor carbohydrates list food .

com . "This report carbohydrates foods highlights the current concepts and advocate a low-carb , carbohydrates in food high-fat diet as the most effective weapon against obesity. "Prof. Angstrom said people should start rejecting all carbohydrate foods that the government has been telling them for years to keep eating ,carbohydrates in food and instead carbohydrates foods focus on eating more fat. He also believes that governments have done great harm to public health by constantly blaming obesity on lack of exercise, which is just a small piece in the puzzle of obesity.

"carbohydrates foods This kind of nonsense has people with weight problems feel bad about themselves , as if everything on your bottom carbohydrates in food character , " he is quoted as saying. "For many people fat increased consumption means carbohydrates foods you feel full , stay so long, and have less need to eat every five minutes. Moreover, you will feel full after drinking a Coca -Cola or after eating almost nothing fat, low -fat fruit yogurt loaded with sugar. carbohydrates foods course, exercise carbohydrates list food is great in many ways, but what really affects weight is diet. "In type 2 diabetes , the cells do not respond properly to the insulin that is available, a condition called insulin resistance carbohydrates in food carbohydrates in food .

 In an attempt to overcome carbohydrates foods the insulin resistance , the pancreas to increase insulin production . This can cause stress to the eventual rupture of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. carbohydrates list food Type 2 diabetes accounts for 95 percent of new cases of diabetes and rising obesity . In fact , obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes carbohydrates foods .

This is where the true condemnation carbohydrates in food of carbohydrates begins.

The Holy Grail to prevent or carbohydrates in food reverse type 2 diabetes carbohydrates in food is to resolve insulin resistance . The easy answer is to blame carbohydrates . After all, carbohydrates stimulate the production carbohydrates in food of insulin , insulin and allows cells to take up glucose carbohydrates foods and fat make fat.

 However, there is a problem with this popular story : The main destination of glucose is not fat cells , but muscle cells convert glucose into muscle glycogen , carbohydrates foods a storage form of the critical energy of glucose. carbohydrates foods Type 2 diabetes have low muscle glycogen stores , which generally ignore because studies tend to focus more on the fat when it comes to insulin resistance carbohydrates list food . That's why we call insulin " hormone of fat storage carbohydrates foods " instead of " building " or the hormone " strength " , which are the most accurate descriptions . Fat cells make glucose into fat when we eat too much because we have not only an increase in blood sugar carbohydrates foods .

The other problem with carbon hydrates guilty of insulin resistance usually hidden from the public : To study the mechanism of insulin resistance , researchers must occur in animals. A diet high in fat is a common research tool when it comes to induce carbohydrates foods insulin resistance . Insulin resistance can carbohydrates list food be induced by a diet high in sugar , which is rich in fat . Sugar to induce insulin resistance , energy must greatly exceed the power requirements or be physiologically and unrealistic compared to the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates foods especially fructose intake The attempt to bind the sugar in type 2 diabetes is sometimes exuberant shoots himself on contradictions , especially for fructose and FC ( corn syrup, high fructose - something like an abuse of language carbohydrates foods ,

we sucrose and fructose are almost carbohydrates in food chemically identical ) . Products containing fructose are preferred by consumers and food manufacturers over those containing only glucose, due to the greater inherent sweetness of fructose and its ability to improve the texture and appearance of bakery product . carbohydrates foods Therefore, fructose FC and are present in many foods and beverages .

Ignored in the indictment is carbohydrates list food that fructose is a very low alchemic index. The alchemic index is a measure of glucose in a food or beverage with respect to a base of the amount of a portion of white bread .carbohydrates foods Was developed as a comparison for people with diabetes , must not be used as a tool for weight loss .

Furthermore, while FC has replaced half of sucrose in the modern diet , that does not mean that we are drowning in fructose or sugar carbohydrates foods.USDA data on food consumption adjusted for loss in 1970 before the current epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes, tells an interesting story. The average per capita intake (kcal ) in 1970 was 2,076 calories . In 2010 , rose to 2,534 ,carbohydrates foods a difference of 458 kcal per person per day . But the calorie survey bears are distributed. per capita consumption of caloric sweeteners added in 1970 was 333 kcal per day. In the year 2010 was 367, an increase of only 34 kcal , with peak added sugar consumption of 422 kcal in 1999 carbohydrates foods.

In other words, sugar consumption has carbohydrates list food declined in the past 14 years , during which time type 2 diabetes continues to rise .

carbohydrates foods He explains the increase in calories ? In 1970 calories from fats and oils ( including butter fat ) added equaled 346. In 2010, a maximum of 588 was reached. This is an increase of 242 kcal fat , a fact always ignored in carbohydrates foods carbohydrates authoring obesity and type 2 diabetes. And during this same period , consumption of flour and cereal products increased by 167 kcal , 429-596 kcal .

Flour and grains do not contain inherent fructose. When the flour is mixed with fat, you usually get a food with a low alchemic index , because fat slows digestion carbohydrates foods .Americans eat more sugar than recommended , about 14 percent of total calories , compared to 16 percent in 1970. But we also eat more fat than recommended and exercise less than recommended - and spent most of our basic starches in desserts that what is recommended carbohydrates foods.There is still a need to define the mechanism of insulin resistance . However , it will be harder to do if we insist on the way predetermined carbohydrates foods conclusions, the favorite, "We know all carbs are bad, now we will find evidence to support it. "

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