BMI Formula - How calculate my body mass index ? Here the answer

BMI Formula
BMI Formula

Already in the not too distant past , was used to calculate the amount of fat you step on the bathroom scale BMI formula Us more obese , as a country , BMI calculator formula we looked for other ways to find the right scale It can not be a book , right? After all ,

some people are big boned , some people are short, some tall.Sure, BMI calculator formula you 're supposed to BMI formula calculate your weight in relation to height and same age, and while the bathroom scale has become a technologically advanced tool that allows you to store various figures of weight in his report speaks well you and optionally washed the dirty dishes , it does not take other important factors into BMI formula consideration.

At some point , the body mass index became BMI calculator formula the new scientific way to determine whether you were rich or poor. The formula BMI formula works like this:

BMI = weight in kilograms / (height in inches x height in inches ) x 703.

( 703 is to convert the original metric of the rate formula . )

BMI formula The Center for Disease Control said that a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is ideal.

Less than 18.5 is insufficient BMI formula, 25.0-29.9 means you are overweight, and 30.0 and that means you are obese .A mathematician named RAJ Lambert Queenliest came up with the formula for BMI in the nth century BMI calculator formula as a means of measuring the degree BMI formula of obesity in the general population.

He stated that BMI should not be used to indicate the level of fat in an individual. U.S. scientists have ignored the warning BMI formula .If used separately , BMI calculator formula you end up with some of those most physically fit on the planet that falls into the category of "overweight" - people like BMI formula Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger (30 is considered " obese ! ") and Tom Cruise are on this list BMI calculator formula.

These celebrities can BMI formula weigh more than the average because they have denser muscle tissue , which is heavier than the "normal" muscle. In addition, strong bones are denser than fat in bulk, which could add points for body mass index .

Formula , meanwhile , assumes low muscle mass and high relative fat BMI formula.Thus, it seems science , the formula is FALSE and misleading , and for many people , quite inaccurate .

One thing that is not considered when looking at the body mass index is the waistline Dr. Oz, who appeared in the show BMI formula " Oprah " several times and is ready to launch his own TV show in the fall, spoke at length about the importance is the size of the size, it is the general health Site :

"Instead of focusing BMI formula on the number on the scale , Dr. Oz says to focus on the number on the ideal size for women size BMI calculator formula is 32 inches and 35 ½ inches for a man - . a goal that is achievable by everyone , regardless of age . "

Even a statement that seems to be very one size BMI formula fits all. Thirty-two and a half inches for all women ? And 35 inches for men?With a performance of " Oprah ," Dr. Oz has a BMI formula couple of copies of a body called momentum , which plays a key role in making us fat . The body stores fat around the stomach ,

where the body has an easy to access when or if necessary . But fat creates an inflammatory process that can endanger clogged BMI calculator formula arteries BMI formula.Ideally, the momentum BMI formula should be thin and lacy, not thick and greasy . This should result in a fine size instead of a " beer belly " .

Body fat can be measured more BMI formula accurately , perhaps , by a couple of other tests in addition to the BMI . You can use a fat caliper body to enter a fold of skin at certain points on the body and measure its thickness . BMI formula Then there is the art of " immersion " This method can based BMI calculation formula on the idea that lean body mass ( muscle, bone, etc) tends to sink in water, while fat floats .

A person is sitting in a chair that is in the balance. The person in the chair is lowered into a pool of water until completely BMI formula submerged , and the weight of the person ( immersion ) is recorded. The bigger you are, the more it tends BMI calculator formula to float and reduce your weight will be overwhelmed - the people muscle weighs more than fat people in immersion. This method is very accurate, but requires a lot of equipment BMI formula.One thing is certain : The body mass index is not particularly BMI formula useful as a tool to assess whether you are fit .

BMI formula You might as well return to the scale of the bathroom ; find to talk carefully to you and give you a little encouragement when the numbers are too high.Or completely abandon BMI formula the numbers ... a three-digit number has nothing to do , really, with its value.Roshana Ariel is the author of "I hate diet book ",

which is no longer in print. She is an editor of a newspaper, and is interested in BMI formula telepathy and other methods to make our lives better BMI calculation formula , including weight loss and a healthy diet. More information can be found

Body mass index (BMI) is a way to assess a person 's weight in relation to height . The body mass index is sometimes called BMI formula the Queenliest index with the Belgian pioneer Adolph Queenliest name Jacques Lambert has made withe system during the nineteenth century. Obesity or obesity level gravity of a BMI calculator formula person is BMI calculation formula determined primarily by their BMI using a BMI of formulas ( formulas BMI). BMI can also determine other levels of weight, BMI formula such as underweight, normal weight or overweight.

BMI does not measure actual body fat of a person.A predominant formula used to BMI formula calculate body mass index and obesity of gravity is in the International System of Units , commonly known as SI or metric units. This is the weight of a person in kilograms divided by height in meters squared , BMI formula presented as a BMI = kg / m². The " ²" simply means that you multiply the number twice . For example 1.5m ² yield a figure of 2.25 its only 1.5 x 1.5 .

BMI formula The rest of the formulas used to calculate the severity of obesity is based BMI calculation formula on the system of imperial units. The two methods will be mentioned BMI are similar to the above formula BMI calculator formula with a few twists BMI formula .The primary function of imperial units is calculated using weight BMI calculation formula in pounds ( lb ) multiplied by 703 ( seven hundred and three ) BMI formula and then divided by your height in inches squared .

This can be demonstrated that BMI = ( pounds x 703) / in ². What is in the parenthesis is what needs to be solved first, and then divided by the square inch.BMI formula Another way to calculate this is BMI = ( lb / in ² ) and multiplying by 703 to get.

BMI formula Second, based on imperial units is calculated using weight in pounds ( lb) , but this time multiplied by 4.88 BMI calculator formula ( four point eight eight) , and then divided by their height in meters squared. BMI calculation formula This can be demonstrated that BMI = ( 4.88 x pounds) / ft ². Another way to calculate the BMI = ( lb / ft ² )

and multiplying what BMI formula they get for 4.88 .One of three formulas BMI above , if the final result is 30 or higher, the person tested is obese BMI calculation formula and has a level of obesity associated BMI formula with body mass index . A body mass index ranging from 25 to 29.99 is classified as overweight. BMI less than 18.5 is considered underweight . The optimal BMI for individuals is 18.5 to 24.99 , which is where it should be BMI formula.

There are different classes that describe BMI formula the severity of obesity based on the BMI of a person. BMI calculation formula Class 1 is slightly obese obesity and BMI ranges from 30 to 34.99. Class 2 obesity is moderately obese with a BMI of 35 to 39.99 . BMI formula Class 3 is morbidly obese is above 40 BMI . More class severity of obesity, which are more vulnerable to weight related health problems and the most obvious BMI calculation formula and dangerous they become.To determine the severity of obesity in children BMI formula and adolescents, a BMI above formulas are used , but the result is then compared to what is normal for this BMI calculation formula age and sex boy in particular and gives a percentile .BMI formula You can see the graphics samples provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control percentile for children with this link and this link for girls .

Under the fifth percentile means that the child is underweight BMI formula . Of 85 , just below the nth percentile means that the child is overweight. Above the nth percentile means that the child is obese. Between 5 and 85 percentile is the optimal level for children and adolescents.

BMI formula Having the ideal weight is very important not only BMI calculation formula for growth but also for your overall health. This is the most important consideration for you to be able to say that you are in fact healthy factor . The problem with most people these days is that they are so aware of the implications of BMI calculation formula going under or over their ideal weight BMI formula.They may lack knowledge BMI calculation formula about the importance of ideal body weight . And because of this lack of knowledge that many people think and feel they are in good health, even if they are overweight or underweight .

For this reason , it is very important that you learn how to measure the weight of your body and also whether your current weight BMI formula is ideal, if not, then you need to do something BMI calculation formula about it. Health , after all, is the most important factor one must possess .

How can you determine the body mass index in which you own ?

BMI calculation formula It is very simple to determine your own BMI and you just have to follow a simple formula that you can master in a short time BMI calculation formula without effort. It is this way.

A . The first formula you can use to check your BMI is :
X 703 BMI = weight (kg ) / height ( in ) - The number 703 is a constant number you multiply your current weight in pounds divided by its current height in inches squared .
Two . The following formula can be used to determine your body mass index is ;
4.88 X BMI = weight (kg ) / height ( M's) - In addition, the 4.88 value is constant in the formula

for you to be able to multiply your current weight in pounds and then divided into existing meters height square BMI calculation formula .
Three . The last formula can be used to determine your body mass index is :
BMI calculation formula BMI = weight (kg ) / height ( M's) - Similarly, you can determine your BMI by dividing your current weight in kilograms to height in meters squared .
Let's take an example to better illustrate how you can use one of the above formulas to BMI calculation formula determine your BMI.
Weight = 50 kg ( converted into pounds : 50 * 2.2 = 110 kg )
Height = 5.2 m ( convert to inches : 5.2 * 12 cm / 1 m = 62.4 * 62.4 = 3893.76)

X 703 BMI = weight (kg ) / height ( in )
BMI = 703 X 110 lb / 3,893.76
BMI = 19.68

Thereafter, the value obtained will determine if your BMI is normal or not . To do this, you need a simple chart that will tell you exactly which category fall BMI calculation formula.If the BMI value obtained was 18.5 and below which means that you are underweight or malnourished . If the BMI value BMI calculation formula is obtained from 18.5 to 24.9 , then your BMI and weight is normal , if the value is 25.0 to 29.9 then you are considered overweight .

On the other hand values walkover 30.0 to 40.0 is considered overweight while a little morbidly obese . The only reason you need to determine the body mass index is to BMI calculation formula know which category you fall into this way to learn how you can manage your weight problem. Also ask if you need to gain weight or lose weight this way you can see your body mass index close to stay BMI calculation formula healthy .

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